Kanga Medical

The Kanga Medical mod aims to give more meaning to Ark’s death mechanics. It also adds tracks your overall wellness, and adds illnesses and surgery into your game.

Features and more detailed information

The Kanga Medical mod aims to give more meaning to Ark’s death mechanics. Death will be something you’ll want to avoid, as it will cost you xp. You can get (part of) it back, but you will have to make some preparations first in order to do so. The mod also makes you deal with wellness stats, illnesses and surgeries.

Death mechanics

When you die, you will initially lose 20% of your total xp. This means at low level, you will only lose a small amount of xp, but for higher level players the loss will be much severe.

Is your xp lost forever? That depends on how well prepared you are! From the early levels you are able to place down empty graves. When you die, the xp you lost will be stored in an empty grave. It will stay in the grave until you decide to collect (part of) it back. As long as you have an empty grave when you die, your xp is stored safely in your grave. If you don’t have an empty grave when you die, your xp is permanently lost. Preparation is the key to xp preservation!

We’d like to emphasize that there is no rush needed to go collect the xp at your grave. The grave doesn’t have a timer and it is assigned to the player who’s xp is in there. It will just sit there forever until you come collect it. No one else can steal the xp from your grave, as the grave is assigned to you.

For more details on the graves mechanics, check out the Kanga Medical – structures page.


In the Kanga Medical mod the player has an overall Wellness Stat. This stat basically represents how well your immune system is functioning: the higher your Wellness Stat, the lower the chance you’ll get an illness, and vice versa. When your Wellness Stat is low, this still does not mean you will get an illness by default, you just have a bigger chance to get an illness at that point. You can check your overall Wellness Stat at any given time, by pressing H.

The Wellness Stat is a combination of 8 different sub stats. There are several mechanics that can make a sub stat drop, and some simply drop over time. These sub stats can only be revealed by doing a medical checkup (performed by the apothecary on the medical cot). The apothecary can craft syrups and perform surgeries to help you get your Wellness Stat back up.

For more details on the wellness mechanics, check out the Kanga Medical – Wellness and Surgery page.


The Kanga Medical mod also introduces up to 30 different illnesses. Some of those will cure themselves over time, others will require bedrest, elixirs or surgery. You’ll have to figure out what kind of illness you contracted, because messing with the wrong elixirs will make you regret it. You will have the option to let an apothecary diagnose you for free, or diagnose yourself at the cost of getting the needed equipment from an apothecary.

For more details on the Illness, check out the Kanga Medical – Illness Elixirs page.


To get your Wellness substats back up to 100%, you need to have an apothecary perform the appropriate surgery. The player can also ask the apothecary to perform several surgeries to get certain buffs to the player.

Check out the links below to get more detailed information about the medical items.

Information for server owners

Mod ID: 2758121577


INI Configuration options.

The Kanga Core Library Mod is a prerequisite for all Kanga Mods and needs to be first in the load order of all Kanga Mods.