Kanga Professions

The Kanga Professions mod allows you to create professions for your server. Let your players choose what role they want to play on your server!

The predefined Kanga Professions are designed to be inter-dependant on each other, but nothing stops you from making your own professions completely customized to your liking.

From an admin perspective

With the Kanga professions mod you can reorganize your engrams into professions. Creating a profession means that you lock certain engrams to that profession. Only players who choose to unlock that profession will have access to these engrams.

All the Kanga related professions are predefined and fully setup already for you to play with. However, the interface allows you to adjust them to your liking. You also have the possibility to create extra professions as engrams from other mods are also displayed in the interface. For example: you can group the vanilla building pieces, or building pieces from another mod, into a builder profession.

How to setup the professions

Spawn in the Kanga admin book to start setting up your professions.

The number of professions a player can have is set in the ini files. To create a new profession you first need to link an engram to it as the ‘master engram’ for that profession. This will be the engram that unlocks for the player when he chooses the profession. All other engrams that belong to this profession need to have a prerequisite of this engram. The settings are explained in the image below.

  • grouping
  • towards max: if toggled, this profession counts towards the maximum allowed number of professions a player can have.
  • exclusive
  • auto unlock
  • hide pre req
  • hide till level
  • hide invalid exclusive
  • hide
  • buff: you can add a buff here if you want to player to have a certain buff when he unlocks this profession.
  • free items: item the player gets for free when unlocking the profession.

From a player perspective

The Kanga Professions mod allows you to choose what role you want to play on the server. Specialize in one or more professions and interchange your profession-specific items with other players.

You unlock your profession(s) in the Kanga Professions book. The number of professions you can choose is determined by what is setup by your server admins.

Unlocking a professions gives access to profession-specific engrams that are locked to players that don’t have the profession unlocked.

Kanga’s predefined professions

In the Kanga Professions mod all the Kanga-related professions are predefined and setup the way we think provides the best gameplay experience. Each of our mods have a number of ‘primitive’ engrams that we leave unlocked to every player. The more advanced engrams are locked behind the corresponding professions.

Currently the Kanga Professions mod has 4 predefined professions:

  • blacksmith (Kanga Blacksmith mod)
  • farmer (Kanga Husbandry mod)
  • taverner (Kanga Culinary mod)
  • physician (Kanga Medical mod)

Information for server admins

Mod ID: 2847814839


INI Configuration options.

The Kanga Core Library Mod is a prerequisite for all Kanga Mods and needs to be first in the load order of all Kanga Mods.