Kanga Primitive RP

Kanga PrimitiveRP is a mod that adds a variety of items that fit a primitive play style.  It contains both functional and decorative items.

This mod is still under development. More items will be added at a later time.

Features and more detailed information

The Kanga PrimitiveRP mod adds items that fit a primitive play style. It does not contain any modern or tek style items.

Most of the items are available to the player right from the start.

Item list

Animal skin bed
. craft in: inventory
. acts as a spawn point

. craft in: inventory
. the first roof over your head
. tip: you can place a mortar & pestle on the vertical posts

Log seat
. craft in: inventory

Primitive feeding trough
. craft in: inventory
. stores food for your dinos
. 5 slots

Root cellar
. reduces spoil timer on consumables 3x
. fuel: none
. shovel needed in inventory to place it

More information for server admins

Mod ID: 2175184336


INI Configuration options.

The Kanga Core Library Mod is a prerequisite for all Kanga Mods and needs to be first in the load order of all Kanga Mods.