Kanga Culinary

The Kanga Culinary mod brings a new food system into the game. Food is devided into survival food and comfort food.

The mod also has a way to handle hot and cold meals and a food desire system.

Features and more detailed information

The new food system is divided into survival food, comfort food and social food.

Survival food is not very tasty. All vanilla food and food from other mods fall into this category. This includes non-processed Kanga food (raw ingredients). If you eat too much of this food type, eventually your xp gain will come to a halt completely (red icon). You will get a warning first (orange icon) if it is time to start eating some comfort food. All survival food can be eaten on the run.

Comfort food is processed Kanga food. There are 7 tiers of comfort food currently in the mod. They will provide a boost to your food and slow the rate at which your food points drop. The higher tier meals that require a plate also give an XP bonus for 15 minutes. You need to be seated to eat comfort food.

Higher tier meals (tier 5 and above) require you to use a dinner set at a table. A pop up will ask you to press W to eat and finish your dinner. It leaves a dirty plate behind, which you will have to clean up before it can be used again.

The Kanga Culinary mod brings hot and cold food into the game. A hot meal spoils down into a cold meal pretty fast, but the cold meal will last a long time. Any cold meal can be heated back up into a hot meal.

The Kanga Culinary mod also introduces the food desire system. Every so often your character will ask for a specific meal. If you manage to eat the correct meal in time you will be awarded with the “Food of the Champions” buff. This buff will increase your XP rate x1.5 for 20 minutes. There is no disadvantage if you were not able to eat the desired meal.

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Information for server admins

Mod ID: 2086739334


INI Configuration options.

The Kanga Core Library Mod is a prerequisite for all Kanga Mods and needs to be first in the load order of all Kanga Mods.