Kanga Storage

The Kanga storage mod adds storage structures with a visual representation of what the storage contains.

Features and more detailed information

The animal crate holds small animals and makes them invisible to carnivores. The animal will visually shrink to fit the cage. An animal put on wander in the cage will still produces it normal items. Any animal that you can pick up can be put into the crates.

The dynamic individual storage displays an image of what you stored inside it. After you place an item in its inventory, the box locks itself to that item. It can either be placed freely or on a warehouse shelving.

The general storage can hold a random number of items. It can either be placed freely or on a warehouse shelving.

The storage shed displays what you stored in it on the inside of the shed. It dynamically adjusts the look on the outside based on the amount of resources inside. They can be snapped together.

All items are crafted in your inventory.

Item list

Animal crate
. holds small animals
. currently available: all Abberation lightpets, Achatina, Compy, Dimorphodon, Dodo, Dung Beetle, Hesperornis, Ichthyornis, Jerboa, Kairuku, Mesopithecus, Microraptor, Otter, Pegomastax, Sinomacrops, Vulture

Egg basket
. holds eggs
. preserving timer as in vanilla preserving bin

Dynamic individual storage
. holds 30 stacks of a single item
. displays item on the front and the back
. the color of the icon can be adjusted

General storage
. holds 20 stacks of multiple items

Preserving storage
. preserves consumables
. can be locked
. snaps to the warehouse shelving

Seed sack
. holds seeds
. slows spoil timer for vanilla seeds x1000

Storage Shed
. holds 300 stacks of a single item
. current available items: wood, stone, thatch, metal, fertilizer

Warehouse shelving
. snaps to foundations
. holds up to 3 individual or general storage boxes

Information for server admins

Mod ID: 2184166304


INI Configuration options.

The Kanga Core Library Mod is a prerequisite for all Kanga Mods and needs to be first in the load order of all Kanga Mods.