Kanga Economy

The Kanga Economy mod aims to add a player-driven economy to your game. It has everything you need to build a functional market.

Features and detailed information

Sell your wares to other players with the Kanga Economy mod! Set up a functional market and keep track of your wares.

The Kanga Economy mod adds its own currency system. You will trade with copper, silver and gold coins. Coins can be earned through levelling up, trading and sometimes by killing dinos.

  • 1 silver = 10 copper
  • 1 gold = 10 silver

The trade stall is your shop front. Here players can browse your wares. You don’t have to be online to complete a transaction.

Make sure your trade stall has a sales register snapped to it. The basic sales register will hold anything, while the preservering register is for consumables specifically. Don’t forget to put sparkpowder in your preservering register, to make your wares last as long as possible.

With the sales ledger you can keep track of your sales. You can look at in your inventory anytime. It will display all sales from that particular trade stall, giving you a clear view on what items you sold, how many you sold and how much money you made.

Want to buy something that is not for sale (yet)? Leave a note for the vendor in the tradestall!

How to set up your wares for sale correctly

Put the item you want to sell in the sales register. Craft a blank sales ticket and drag it over the item. The sales ticket now says “unset“. If you click on it, you can set the price. Once the price is set, the ticket changes to “sale“. The item now shows up in the trade stall, where it will also mention how many items of that type are available. Make sure to put some coins for change into the register. Don’t forget to put a catchy name on your trade stall through the radial menu!

The ticket can be set either as a “Type” or as an “Item”. If you set it as an item, you can price items individually (e.g. 2 bows with different quality). You can also set the ticket where it will be removed automatically after the transaction is complete. If you set the ticket as a “type”, it will change to “sold” when your store’s stock has run out.

For animal sales, you need to make the dino consume a blank sales ticket. The dino will now have a unique sales number on him. Place the ticket back into your sales register and set it up as described above. If you change your mind, you can remove the dino from sale through the radial menu on the dino.


To set up a trading system between 2 items (e.g. trade coins for wood), drag a blank sales ticket over the item you want to trade (e.g. coins). The ticket now shows “unset”. Now drag the unset ticket over the other item (e.g. wood). The sales ticket changes into “trade” ticket. Set the price on the trade ticket as described above.

Leasing stalls

Once you set down your trade stall place the lease holder where the sales register normally goes. Craft a blank sales ticket and hit e. The trade stall is now displayed as up for lease. Place the sales ticket in your trade stall where you want to set the lease price. Once purchased the lease holder becomes their property. They can remove it and place their own sales register on it. They will however not be able to pick it up, move it or destroy it.

Item list

Basic sales register
. craft in: inventory

Blank Sales ticket
. craft in: sales register

Copper coins
. earned through levelling, trade or killing dinos

Gold coins
. earned through levelling, trade or killing dinos

Lease holder
. craft in: inventory
. use: lease trade stalls to other players

Note delivered
. craft as a note in inventory
. use in trade stall to send a message to the vendor

Preserving register
. craft in: inventory
. needs sparking powder to activate the preseverving function

Sales ledger
. craft in: sales register

Shop counter
. craft in: inventory
. can hold more items than the basic trade stall
. indoor only

Silver coins
. earned through levelling, trade or killing dinos

Trade stall
. craft in: inventory

Information for server admins

Mod ID: 2028324463


INI Configuration options.

The Kanga Core Library Mod is a prerequisite for all Kanga Mods and needs to be first in the load order of all Kanga Mods.