Kanga Structures

The Kanga Structures mod adds a number of building structures that provide a primitive look for your base.

This mod is under development. More items will be added at a later time.

Features and more detailed information

The Kanga Structures mod adds different tiers of landscape pavers: dirt pavers, wooden pavers and stone pavers. The wood and stone pavers can be stacked. All pavers can be lowered or raised. To upgrade a paver from dirt to wood or from wood to stone, you can use the builder’s hammer (no need to pick up the paver). All pavers have a number of different texture tops you can choose from.

The pavers also have the option to look ‘underground’. This allows you to hide pipes in them. Press X to exit the underground view.

The Kanga Structures mod also adds pallisade walls and gates. They are relatively weak, but they are available early on to serve as an early defense.

All structures can be crafted in the carpenter’s workbench.

Item list

Builder’s hammer
. craft in: carpenter’s workbench
. use: upgrade existing pavers

Carpenter’s workbench
. craft in: inventory
. crafts: all building structures items

Fences and fence gates
. craft in: carpenter’s workbench
. 2 sizes
. 3 different looks (radial menu)

Landscape paver
. craft in: carpenter’s workbench
. 3 types: dirt, wood, stone
. various textures (radial menu)
. can be upgraded in place with builder’s hammer
. dirt pavers don’t stack
. wooden pavers stack 2 high
. stone pavers stack 3 high

Palissade cannon support
. craft in: carpenter’s workbench

Palissade gates and walls
. craft in: carpenter’s workbench
. different sizes
. walls snap to scaffolds
. also available: stairs, steps, walkway

Palissade gate tower
. craft in: carpenter’s workbench

Palissade landing
. craft in: carpenter’s workbench

Palissade scaffold
. craft in: carpenter’s workbench

Information for server admins

Mod ID: 1902351418


INI Configuration options.

The Kanga Core Library Mod is a prerequisite for all Kanga Mods and needs to be first in the load order of all Kanga Mods.