Kanga Roadmap

The Kanga mods are still in development. We have more exciting new mods to come! More content will be added to the existing mods also. Each of the mods will continue development through the entire process and will be attuned to the other mods to bring you an immersive primitive Ark experience.

Kanga Core Library
. status: released

. function: This mod does not provide any actual gameplay. It contains the shared library for all other Kanga Mods. This mod is a prerequisite for all Kanga Mods, and needs to be the first in the load order of all Kanga Mods. The core library allows us to let the different mods interact with each other in a better way. Whenever a Kanga Mod gets updated, this core library gets an update too. This ensures that no issues arise with the load order of the mods on your server, as long as this one is placed first.

Kanga Husbandry
. status: released/ completion: 65% / related profession: farmer
. Planned: advanced customized breeding management (stats, colors) and advanced nurseries and stables (buffs, protection for animals).

Kanga Blacksmith
. status: released/ completion: 60% / related profession: blacksmith
. planned: more weapons and armor will be added.

Kanga Primitive RP
. status: released/ completion: 30% / related profession: none

. planned:

Kanga Economy
. status: released/ completion: 20% / related profession: merchant

. planned: trading depot, merchant profession mod mechanics.

Kanga Storage
. status: released/ completion: 15% / related profession: carpenter (?)

. planned: more storage containers in different sizes.

Kanga Culinary
. status: released/ completion: 10% / related profession: inn keeper

. planned: inn (temporary accommodation, respawn point, buffs while player is in range), inn keeper mechanics.

Kanga Structures
. status: released/ completion: 5% / related profession: builder (?)

. planned: full building system to replace vanilla thacth, wood and stone, stables, pre-built structures.

Kanga Medical
. status: released/ completion: 55%/ related profession: apothecary
. planned: more diseases, poisons, surgeries.

Kanga Professions
. Status: released/ related profession: all

. planned: professions (what can be crafted and by whom), dynamic profession skill (what can be built and at what quality), progression from apprectice to master, profession trophy items, profession guilds (to start a new profession after you mastered the previous one).

Kanga Administration
. status: in development

. planned: an extensive user interface designed to configure your game in detail. It lowers the need to alter ini files considerably.

Kanga Textiles
. status: in development/ related profession: tailor
. planned: clothing with buffs as opposed to protective armor that is not pleasant to wear, better saddles with a modified crafting, resource and quality system.

Kanga Masonry
. status: pending/ related profession: mason

. planned: new stone types for different building textures and strenght, new stone building, extracting mechanics, advanced buildings (e.g. quarries)

Kanga Territories
. status: pending/ related profession: aristocrat

. planned: concept of Territorial Ownership (claim small areas of land; provides the owning tribe\alliance a positive buff while they are in it), Totems of Ownership (increase claimed land size; will need to connect with previous claimed land), Empires (authoritative ruling mechanics, town hall; multiple territories can be bound under 1 empire), taxes, PVP mechanics (warfare between territories/ empires), end game objectives

Kanga Carpentry
. status: pending/ related profession: carpenter

. planned: all wooden items that are not structures

Kanga Core
. status: pending/ related profession: none

. planned: Kanga Core is the “ecosystem”. It is what will make the most immersive play style and bring the series to the style that we are ultimately looking for. This will be the ONLY mod that would be completely pointless as a standalone mod. This will not be a stackable mod and it will work to make the Kanga Series of mod more like a “total conversion”. This mod will change most harvest components, default engrams, player statistics, leveling, food and nutrition along with many other aspects that would make other mods not stackable.

Kanga Marine
. status: pending/ related profession: shipwright

. planned: boats, boat building mechanics, docks, drydock, naval warfare, land based bombardment, new ocean resources, new ocean gathering methods

Kanga Taming
. status: pending/ related profession: Ranger

. planned: new passive taming methods for some of the smaller and more friendly herbivores, carnivore taming will be ramped up, wild nests and baby dinosaurs for some species and change some of their behaviour around them, unique taming methods for some specific vanilla dinosaur classes

Kanga Carts & Wagons
. status: pending/ related profession: cartwright
. planned: new ways of moving large object or large quantities of items about the map, different cart sizes, player and dino pulled carts

Kanga Siege
. status: pending/ related profession: none

. planned: large weapons like catapults, trebuchet, etc., naval combat\bombardment and land base PVP attacks

Kanga badging
. status: not planned yet

. planned: UI with statistics tracking about the players progress, rewards when small milestones are met. The badges this mod use will be provided by each of the other mods, this mod will control the UI, enable the badges and track their progress.

Kanga Quests
. status: not planned yet

. planned: NPC provided quests

Kanga NPC
. status: not planned yet

. planned: NPC’s that live in your towns. They will run small businesses and go about their daily lives and work with the maps day night cycle. Each NPC would need a house and a place of work. The NPC will attend their work during the day and return home at night.

Kanga Magic
. status: not planned yet/ related profession: druid

. planned: magical items, like potions and spells. This would add more of a fantasy RPG aspect to the game for those that wanted it. It would still fit with the primitive style but introduce the Druid\Witch Doctor magic style into the game. This would allow for magical healing with range affects and so on.

Kanga Dinosaurs
. status: not planned yet

. planned: This mod would replace ARK’s default dinos with custom Kanga versions. It’s an optional implementation. This would limit the stackability, but improve the immersion of the kanga ecosystem allowing for a better dino\ecosystem relationship.