Kanga Husbandry – Plants & Trees

The kanga husbandry mod brings you 16 new crops for more variety in your farms. It also features 11 decorative trees to brighten up your base.

Spawn mechanics

Each different type of plant seed spawns in the spawn area of two different dinos. Each dino has a chance of 0.01% of spawning the plant. The low spawning rate is set to make it a challenge to find all the plants. The plants look like the actual plant as displayed in the Plant Compendium. The Plant Compedium also tells you which dino spawns which plant. The spawned plants wither and after 3 (rl) days they despawn.

All the tree seeds can be found in large herbivore poop piles. They look like a pile of poop with a small fir sapling growing out the top of it. Each poop pile has a random tree seed in its inventory. Trees can be grown in the Garden Plot to any size you want by adding more fertilizer. Once they are fully grown you can collect more seeds from the trees.

Farm Plot mechanics

Plants that are growing in the Kanga farm plots need water and fertilizer. The plot is designed so that the plant will never die. When it lacks water or fertilizer, it simply stops growing until you add more.

A single farm plot will not yield much crops. You can increase you harvest yield by snapping more crop plots of the same plant together. This works with a maximum of 12 plots. Beyond that the yield will no longer increase. Placing a scarecrow near your plots will also increase harvest yield.

The farm plots also require regular maintenance, in order to remove weeds. A rake or a plow will do the job.

Item list

. spawns with: Megaloceros, Hyaenodon
. used in: drinks

. spawns with: Procoptodon, Archaeopteryx
. used in: drinks

. spawns with: Castroïdes, Mesopithecus
. used in: bandages

. spawns with: Mammoth, Trike
. used in: food

. spawns with: Sabertooth, Terror Bird
. used in: food, wine

. spawns with: Gallimimus, Equus
. converts to fiber

. spawns with: Raptor, Stegosaurus
. dries into thatch

. spawns with: Allosaurus, Troodon
. used in: food, soaps

. spawns with: Kairuku, Pulminoscorpion
. used in: food, soaps, herbivore treat

. spawns with: Rex, Therizino
. harvests silk

. spawns with: Oviraptor, Carno
. used in: food, soaps

Poop pile
. spawns with: Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, Paracer
. spawns random tree seed

. Spawns with: Beezelbufo, Microraptor
. used in: food, scarecrow

. spawns with: Dimorphodon, Purlovia
. used in: food, herbivore treat

. spawns with: Argentavis, Pachy
. used in: food, herbivore treat

. spawns with: Moschops, Phiomia
. used in: sugar

. spawns with: Direwolf, Ovis
. Used in: flour