Kanga Husbandry – Fertilizers

The Kanga Husbandry mod brings an in-depth fertilizer system to help you grow your crops.

Mod Mechanics

The Kanga Husbandry mods adds 9 tiers of fertilizer. Aside from a greater number of fertilizer points, a higher tier fertilizer also yields more harvest for your crop plots. Each fertilizer is needed to craft the next tier. All the fertilizers are crafted in the Kanga compost bin.

Item list

Tier 1 – vanilla fertilizer

Tier 2 – Ash fertilizer
. uses: wood ash (rotary hand quern)

Tier 3 – Seed meal fertilizer
. uses seed meal (rotary hand quern)

Tier 4 – Egg shell fertilizer
. uses: dino eggs

Tier 5 – Feather fertilizer
. uses feathers (dodo coop)

Tier 6 – Bone fertilizer
. uses: bones (slaughtering tames)

Tier 7 – blood fertilizer
. uses: blood buckets (slaughering tames)

Tier 8 – Fish fertilizer
. uses: fish emulsion buckets

Tier 9 – Guano fertilizer
. uses: poop from a tamed bat